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What is a QR code ?

QR Code Generator

QR is an abbreviation for Quick Response. This is a type of a 2- dimensional bar code that can be read quickly by a smart phone or a dedicated QR reading device. It links one directly to a website, phone numbers, texts, and emails. It originated in Japan where it was used in the automotive industry. It was first used for high-speed tracking of motor vehicle parts. Now it can be used for a myriad of purposes including marketing and advertising of products. QR codes are great because they can accommodate a large amount of data as compared to the standard bar codes.

Before you make your QR code, you need to select a suitable QR code generator. This is software that stores data into a QR code. One just needs to type in their data and then they download it as a high-resolution vector graphic. You then need to consider the reason as to why you need a QR code and how you will use it. There are several QR code generators available online. An example is the kaoxee QR code generator. it offers superb functionalities in creation of QR codes. Once you get your QR code, you may then embed it on your website so that it is available to others. One may also place their QR code on signage, in direct mail, ads and retail displays. One may also choose to put it on a tea mug or a t-shirt. The possibilities are endless.
Secondly, if you use a QR code generator to obtain a QR code for marketing or business purpose ensure that it meets the expectations of people. They require that it gives more information than that they would get from simply clicking on a link on a website. It needs to give something unique to justify the effort of scanning the code.

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Not many people understand what a QR code generator is. Others also don’t understand what a QR code is. Until more people embrace this concept, one will require providing instructions about what to do with a QR code. The different software provides various functionalities. One may be able to edit or update their stored links without being forced to generate and print the QR codes again. This will save upon costs and would enable one to respond to any changes in their marketing campaigns promptly.
One should also ensure that their QR code generator of choice is compatible with the computers operating system. It should be fast and not take too long to create the QR codes. There are many free QR code generators. Therefore, one does not have to buy one. The QR code generator should be safe and secure to use. It should also be user-friendly. The QR code produced should not be so complicated, and people encounter difficulties when using it.
Finally, one may also use the Open Source code as a QR code generator if they have a smart developer on hand. Google has a QR code generator as well.